About Us


NootroBoost was created by a team of overachievers who sought out a cure for brain fog. After years of research, we came up with the perfect product that would address attention, focus, memory, and concentration all adding up to a more productive day and better quality of life. 

We know it might sound futuristic, but the brain fog that once plagued even the planet’s greatest minds can now be circumvented with a powerful collection of natural cognitive enhancement ingredients. We created NootroBoost because, like you, we wanted to ignite our optimal cognitive potential. Backed by thousands of hours of research and testing, NootroBoost helps you past the brink of your next breakthrough. By enhancing your brain’s natural abilities, you stay focused, productive, and alert for hours— without sugar, the shakes, or other unsettling side effects.  Your brain is capable of so much more; all you have to do is boost it.